The place where the teenagers meet online and play with the team member or with there personal squad and fight against opponent teams to win the "winner winner chicken dinner"

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle Royale Game Designed and Announced by PUBG Corporation. The games was designed for PC as the version got viral the had well plan for the mobile version PUBGMOBILE.

  100 Players get join for the battle, and they will fight till the death of the last one or last squad will win the match. 
As there are various weapons or multi teams work help the player to win the match by the latest weapons or by the gadgets use by then. PUBG know had become A Brand. In India there are Millions of users are there you will get each and every one a place where PUBG has not play. Mostly Teenager know a days plays the most popular games by seating at Home. 

  1. Official PUBG on yopur Mobile 
  2.  Hight quality Graphics and HD audio to contact with teams
  3. Travel in Style and fight with enemys
  4. Team Up with Friends and make your squad
  5. Fair Gaming and best environment 
 "PUBG Is Not Just A Game. This Is Battle For A  Royales".

Contributing editor: M.S(Latest Wiki)

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