String Theory

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Today we are going to just discuss about some physics theory related to STRING THEORY.


This article is about physics some algorithms and computer science. there are some accessible and less technology information available but as well we know some research is going on to understand the theory.

It's one of the most awesome and best unproven theory of idea in psychics. As the centuries all the physicist searching for the heart of the String Theory. This theory is as framework in which the point-like particles of particles physics are exchange through one-dimensional objects called String. this show the interaction between space and time. the distance scale of the string is lager then  its scale as its look like just normal particles, with its mass and charge also some other properties.In string theory, one of the most vibrational states correspond to graviton, a quantum particles with gravitational force. Hence this theory is an guantum gravity.

Sting theory is depend the deep questions to fundamental physics which also applies to solve the problems related to BLACK HOLE. In the 12th century, there are 2 theoretical framework that formulated the law of physics.
  1. Albert Einstein : Theory of relativity show the force of gravity and structure of time and space.
  2. Quantum Mechanics : Probability principal show the physical phenomena.
String theory is based to be important because as the scientist believes there are three dimensional or more then that are available. as with the posits of superstring theory there are then dimensional exist in the universe.
String Theory solved on 2D space at conformal field theory, a quantum theory.

String Theory is the theory which can't been stop since centuries all the questions are been proven but as ell as unproven also.
As all the theory are so interesting that if we just study on the we will go more deep as if you are the fans or interested to time traveling,quantum world, or parallel universe.

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