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Today we are going to just see about magnet but it's not an ordinary magnet it's An Super Magnet. Which can hold the force field or which can hold the weight of the human also by it's strong magnetic field.  


Strongest Magnets in the world is Neodymium(Nd) magnet, They are made of magnetic material made from an alloy Neodymium, Iron and Boron.

This magnet is an rare magnet on the earth. the power of this magnet field is so powerful that if the same side magnet or we can tell as in simple way as if north side of both the magnet came together they can hurt each other or the force between then can break each other magnet.
In today world this magnet are use in our day to day life but we don't know that as we can see the motors in cordless tools, hard disk.
There are some magnetic metal which are to me placed in some cured temperature to make this strong magnet. General motors and Sumitomo special metal they independently founded this metal in 1984.
We will also discuss the Grades and Properties  which are more interesting as compare to normal magnet.

There are different types or process to make the super strong magnet.

  1. NDFEB Magnets
  2. BONDED NDFEB Magnets           
There are 2 principal of magnet to manufacturing Neodymium methods:
  • Classical powder metallurgy or sintered magnet .
  • Rapid solidification or bonded magnet process.

Grades of sintered NdFeB magnets:N30-N52
  • N30M-N50M
  • N30H-N50H
  • N30SH-N48SH
  • N30UH-N42UH
  • N28EH-N40EH
  • N28AH-N35AH

Magnetic propertie:

Some of important Properties used to compare permanent magnet are:
  • Remanence : This helps o measure the strength.
  • Coercivity : This material use to protect for demagnetized.
  • Energy Product : Density of magnetic energy 
  • Curie Temperature : It's the temperature where material loses its magnetism.

Super Magnet have been replaced in our modern technology as we use them to allow our strength and also its helps use as smaller and lighter magnets.

some examples are :

  • Head actuators for computer hard disks
  • Erase heads for cheap cassette recorders
  • Mechanical E-cigarette firing switches
  • Locks for doors
  • Loudspeakers and headphones
  • Mobile phone speakers, taptic feedback and auto focus actuators
  • Magnetic bearings and couplings
  • Benchtop NMR spectrometer

Here some of the information of this magnet hope you like it as if you want some latest facts just share your comments will try to make some interesting posts.

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