Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Upgrading Technology To Next Level

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Today we are going to just see about the next level upgrade of technology just by the help of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 :

Upgrade of all the rumorer features of the new Mi Band 4.
well after the best and successful launch of Mi Band 3. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness tracker band will be getting release on this year. As we know that the company will announced wearable it would be in the quarterly call.

The budget fitness band for all over world to get and perform the best seller for the company since its first editions and also providing more widely available, that doesn't look like will changes anytime soon.

So how will Xiaomi improve on the Mi band 3 with its next generation tracker???... we've been able to start together and see some more details about Mi band 4 and also what it will be capable of.

Let us know in the comment what do you hope to see in the Mi band 4 below:

Mi Band 4: Design and screen
It's fair to say that quite a lot has leaked out about the Mi band 4. If all the theories or reliable are accurate, then friends its look like Xiaomi will give as some big changes to ware the latest technology at our hand. As the all is said to be of the new Mi band that will going to change the screen department, which will give the new task for the best battery nestled inside of the tracker moving from 110Mah Battery found in the Mi band 3 to be bigger capacity one.

We have Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC) to thank for the closeup picture of the fitness tracker as given above.
Its look like its will be same as the Mi Band 3 but some changes will be there with tracker module combo and also on the touchscreen to navigation data screen. Yes its have the capability and introduced a waterproof design as well as the Mi band 3, it'll be safer for the pool once again.

  • Features:

There will be some cool features as the Chief financial officer at Huami David Cui reaffirmed that each generation of the enduringly popular fitness tracked as they introduced something new And that would be that same for Mi band 4.
  1. Bluetooth Certification As the same for connect through phone.
  2. One with NFC support (XMSH08HM) one eith(XMSH07HM).
  3. Support for six sport modes like RunningTreadmill runningCycling.
  4. Mi AI smart assistant.
  5. Another big feature looks set to be Control Of Music Playback on your paired smartphone.
There are some cool features which we will get on this year may be on some delay for that because of the launch of Mi band 3 its shows that Mi band 4 also will launch on March and April but here wee are on May so lets wait till the announcement for the Mi 4 band.

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